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summer brunchin'

so, this space needs updating. being back down under for just a week has been somewhat emotional. all the rushing around in sg didnt leave me any time to think. but now that days have slowed down, the thoughts run a little too wild. been reliving memories, thinking of the year that has just passed and the things that are too come. 

it has been quite a lovely summer. first, to turkey with family which was interestingly awesome. then the few weeks in sg catching up with people and oddly enough, going for brunch. tried three cafes..

1. Kith Cafe along Robertson Quay, which i went with my person. i thought the breakfast was generous. (: nice cosy hangout place by the river. 

2. Forty Hands. which i went with my bestfriend, a tiny cafe hidden in between outram and tiong baru, good coffee, interesting sandwiches. (: 

3. Food For Thought at Queens St, with my sister & corli. (: good scrambled eggs and decent coffee. like it says, good food for a good cause (: 

i do miss people, it feels like i didnt have enough time, but i guess there's no use wishing and hoping. have to focus on what lies ahead. its been a hard week, and its going to be exceptionally hard dealing with all the loss. but then again, with all that's happened, i am reminded, God is good, all the time. so, to a good year ahead, led by Him who knows what's best.

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